Saving You time, money & energy

Complaint Doctor is a consumer advocacy group that strives to negotiate compensation for its clients that have been wronged financially by businesses.

Addressing a variety of issues:

  • Lost Baggage
  • Damaged Merchandise
  • Bad Experiences
  • Changed Payment Terms
  • Other Customer Service Issues

Our Policies

  • Complaint Doctor strives to arrive at a fair settlement for its clients. Complaint Doctor is not a law firm and does not engage in legal practice or advice.
  • Complaint Doctor works entirely on behalf of its clients and will not accept money or financial incentives from any business
  • Complaint Doctor will not try to exploit the business to receive a higher compensation amount than the financial loss that was actually incurred. Complaint Doctor prides itself at being fair to all parties. Complaint Doctor will not engage in claims that are designed to punish the business or get revenge
  • Complaint Doctor will only handle claims in situations where it believes that the consumer was wronged by the business
  • Complaint Doctor will immediately drop any claim if it has a reasonable suspicion that the client was not entirely truthful

Just Some of our Services

Cell-phone providers:

Cell phone company sneaking in extra fees to your monthly bill? Are you not recieving the services you are contracted for? Shoot us an email and we’ll ring them for you..


Has your new refrigerator not working as it is supposed to, and you have been getting the “runaround” from the manufacturer? Companies will often try to avoid warranty repair. We’ll sort through the red-tape to get the results you deserve.


Has an airline lost your baggage and is not taking responsibility? Have you been charged extra fees, or tried to cancel a ticket and incurred unanticipated cancellation fees? Let us take on the airlines for you.

Questions? Learn More About Our Services