• Step 1:Complete and Submit Contract

We look forward to working on finding a resolution to your complaint. Please complete and and review this contract so that we can get started.

  • Step 2:Payment

  • Project Information

  • Whereas, Complaint Doctor (hereinafter, CD) is a consumer advocacy group that represents its clients in attempting to resolve disputes with various companies,
  • (hereinafter, Client) contacted Complaint Doctor for assistance with a complaint against
  • (hereinafter, Company). Client hereby enters into a legally binding contract with Complaint Doctor.
  • Terms and Conditions

  • Client will pay a $49.99 non-refundable fee to CD to handle its complaint.

    Client affirms that he/she has provided all relevant details to CD regarding the complaint.

    Client affirms that he/she has been entirely truthful in relating the details of the complaint to CD.

    CD will work on Client’s behalf to resolve the complaint with Company. Client will reimburse CD 10% of whatever compensation in excess of $100 Client receives from Company .

    In the event that Client receives a credit or voucher for money off a future purchase, Client will reimburse CD 7% of the dollar amount of the credit/voucher payable in cash to CD even if the credit/voucher states that it has no cash value.

    Client agrees to allow CD to collect payment from Company and to deduct CD's fees before paying Client the balance.

    In the event that Client receives compensation directly from Company, Client agrees to notify CD within 5 business days of receiving compensation from Company and will reimburse CD within 10 business days of the receipt of compensation. In the event that Client fails to reimburse CD in a timely manner, Client authorizes CD to charge Client’s credit card for the reimbursement amount plus a $100 fee. If the credit card on file does not work, Client will owe CD the reimbursement cost plus $500. Client acknowledges that CD will report Client to credit bureaus and will pursue legal action against Client.

    So long as this contract is in force, Client agrees to allow CD to completely handle all aspects of Client’s complaint against Company. Client will not take any actions to resolve the complaint, including but not limited to, contacting Company, contacting consumer advocacy groups, posting information online about Company, or legal action against Company unless CD makes a written request to Client to do so. Client understands that CD will be expending time and effort in resolving Client’s complaint, and that Client’s intervention may harm CD’s efforts. In the event that Client breaches this term of the agreement, Client will be liable to reimburse CD for its work. CD will bill at a rate of $75 per hour. In the event that CD requests Client to intervene, client will make a reasonable effort to comply with CD’s request.

    Client agrees to accept whatever resolution CD reaches with Company. Client cannot contest the resolution and will not attempt to re-negotiate the resolution either directly or indirectly with Company.

    CD makes no guarantee whatsoever that CD makes no guarantee whatsoever that Client will receive any compensation.

    CD can end this contract at anytime it sees fit. Client can end this contract upon paying the full amount that Client was seeking from Company.
  • Power of Attorney

  • I,
  • hereby authorize Complaint Doctor to act on my behalf in dealing with
  • Complaint Doctor has full permission to discuss my account and/or experience with
  • Limited power of attorney is hereby granted to Complaint Doctor granting them full access to my account information. I hereby authorize
  • to discuss my account and/or experience with Complaint Doctor and to negotiate a resolution directly with Complaint Doctor.
  • I further authorize Company to pay any compensation owed to me directly to Complaint Doctor. This power of attorney shall remain in effect until
  • or until it is cancelled in writing and the cancellation is received by Company and Complaint Doctor.
  • Information and Signature